K R Z E P I C E    2 0 0 0

    Krzepice – a small town in Kłobuck District. On its outskirts there is a unique in Europe Jewish cemetery with a large number (about 400) of cast–iron tombstones. It dates from the turn of the 17th century. The oldest ’ matzeba’ is dated 1760. It covers an area of 1.1 hectares. It used to be enclosed by the limestone wall (and by the wooden fence along its east side), whose remains are hardly recognizable now.
    The cemetery – as many others of the type – was slowly getting devastated. There happened some thefts of beautiful cast-iron tombstones. In August, 1977 there were some attempts of rescuing the cemetery made by young members of the Polish Union of Jewish Students, who did a great job renovating a part of it. They were supervised by Jan Jagielski, a member of the Jewish Historical Institute. In July, 2002 our group started to work at the local cemetery and renovated it thoroughly. Most of the cast–iron tombstones were cleaned and painted. In September that year we finished the renovation reading out the inscriptions and cataloguing all the tombstones (450 all together), with the participation of students from Hartman School in Jerusalem and thanks to Mr. Yaari.